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My Library: WoodenBoat Magazine

I first discovered WoodenBoat in about 1989. Browsing the incredible magazine rack of Cudahy News & Hobby in Cudahy, Wisconsin I came across an issue, picked it up and was instantly hooked. This led to a subscription, a trip with my father to the WoodenBoat school Maine, volunteer work building a traditional Great Lakes lumber schooner, a move to San Francisco, volunteer work with the Small Craft department of San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, building a few boats of my own, an extensive library of old cruising books and, finally, the acquisition of a nearly complete set of the magazines going back to issue number one. All from picking up that one issue!

I'm still missing one or two issues - and in recent years events conspired to cause a larger gap in the latest issues which I need to fill. Will do so shortly. If one is an admirer or builder of wooden boats, or simply an armchair sailor of the old school, this magazine simply cannot be missed.

Here is the WoodenBoat Online Index of all issues. Very handy tool for quick reference.

If you are on the other side of the pond, ClassicBoat is a kindred spirit. Worth finding in the States too, but the price is a bit more over here.