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Late 19th & Early 20th Century British Yachting

My Library: The Yachting Monthly

After a few years of searching I've managed to obtain the first nine volumes of The Yachting Monthly—covering the years from its inception in May of 1906 to October of 1910. That's the first fifty-four issues of the magazine. In addition I have various other volumes covering parts of the war years (World War One of course) and into the 1920's and 1930's (my cut-off date of interest is, at present, 1936).

Additionally, after multiple trips to the G.W. Blunt-White research library at Mystic Seaport I have compiled a good sized collection of photocopies of articles from within these years. These largely pertain to accounts of cruises on the eastern shores of England and also in Dutch waters. I pressed the most helpful library staff into photocopying for hours on end. Many thanks to them for their assistance!

My eventual goal is the collection of all of the back issues of The Yachting Monthly either as individual issues or in the bound volumes produced at the time. If you have any from those early days that you'd care to share or sell please contact me.

I'll soon include a comprehensive index of articles within the volumes/issues I have.