Small Craft

Late 19th & Early 20th Century British Yachting

Mave Rhoe
"Red-headed Maeve"
Here are two paintings done by Charles Pears - one taken from his From the Thames to the Netherlands (1914, Chatto & Windus, London) and the other from an article he wrote for the Graphic, The Saga of a Small Yacht Cruise (July 30, 1910 Supplement to the Graphic). They are essentially the same painting with the latter (top) painting being finer in the details. This was apparently a somewhat common practice for Pears during these years and I have examples of a number of such "repititions." The building on the right in each painting is the Lobster Smack Inn - in business under one name or another since the time of Elisabeth I, and still going strong apparently.
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Hole Haven by Charles Pears

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Starting from Hole Haven by Charles Pears
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The Lobster Smack Inn from about the same time.