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Arthur Watts: A Bibliography

A list of books, magazines, and such either written or illustrated by Arthur Watts or in which he is mentioned.

Author Title Publication Year Publisher
E. Nesbit The Power of Darkness 1905 George Newnes, Ltd.
Arthur Watts A Three-Legged Cruise 1913 The Yachting Monthly
Russell Thorndike; Reginald Arkell The Tragedy of Mr. Punch 1923 Duckworth & Co.
Arthur Watts A Painter's Anthology 1924 D. Appleton and Company
The Sketch Book and Winter's Pie - Christmas 1926 1926 Illustrated London News
E.V. Knox Poems of Impudence 1927 Doubleday, Page & Co.
Olga Katzin A Little Pilgrim's Peeps at Parnasus 1927 Robert Holden & Co. Ltd.
Olga Katzin Peeps at Parnasus 1928 Coward-McCann, Inc.
Caricature of To-Day 1928 The Studio, Ltd
E.M. Delafield Diary of a Provincial Lady 1930 MacMillan & Co. Ltd.
H.F. Ellis So This is Science! 1932 Methune & Co., Ltd.
E.M. Delafield The Provincial Lady Goes Further 1932 Macmillan
E.M. Delafield The Provincial Lady in London 1933 Harper & Brothers Publishers
Merejkowski, Dmitri The Forerunner 1933 Constable
K.R.G. Browne Brighton 1935 Southern Publishing Co., Ltd.
Simon Watts Building a Houseful of Furniture 1983 Tauton Press
Marjorie Watts Mrs. Sappho 1987 Duckworth
Simon Watts The Art of Arthur Watts 2003 Algrove Publishing