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The Sailors: Amateur British & Irish Yachtsmen Before World War One

Herbert Knight, 18??–19??

I know next to nothing about Herbert Knight at this point except for the fact that he seems to have been a friend of Donald Maxwell and perhaps a few of the other sailors. It is entirely likely that Knight was not, himself, a sailor. He may have simply been "good crew." He certainly writes of Maxwell in the teasingly familiar tone of a good friend. Interestingly, he always refers to Maxwell as "Malcolm" in his articles. Perhaps this was a a nickname? It seems pretty clear from the context and references that it is indeed Donald Maxwell that he's referring to. He also notes that Maxwell was living in Rochester by 1911 which is confirmed by the 1911 census of England and Wales.

Here's a short article first appearing in The Yachting Monthly in July, 1910. Waterloo Bridge to Limehouse.

And another, The Little Affair of the Thames and Medway Canal, published in July, 1911 in The Yachting Monthly.